Solve The Global Goals

At school, a library, or in your community

Is your school, library, community or organization interested in discovering how to work on the UN Global Goals we all face, such as food, water, shelter, waste, and energy? Would you like to join a global solver movement to share ideas and solutions, while learning valuable, lifelong problem-solving skills?

Do you feel that better preparing your students, community, and team for the rapidly changing world and emerging technologies will create a society where we can thrive, while working together on our differences?

Our Collaborators

Youth Are The Future

We need to empower them today

Our youth deserve respect as both creative and curious minds that will solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Our environment, food, water, health, prosperity, and all species are facing challenges for which we currently are ill-prepared.

As a civilization, we need to learn how to solve these problems. All of our lives depend on getting ahead of these challenges. The speed of innovation is not out-running the speed of the damaging impact humanity has had on the planet. We need to accelerate our vision and action, so that problem-solving can be faster than the speed at which these damaging circumstances have been created.

Let's empower youth and give them the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Life, AS WE KNOW IT, depends on THIS.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” - Albert Einstein

For Libraries, Schools, Science Centers & Museums

People, place, and content = Solvers

These institutions are the most powerful learning institutions in the world. We help them develop programming that can captivate and empower youth through the lens of the UN Global Goals.

These institutions have the people, content, and context to fuel curious minds to thrive. Contact us to get started with a new and low-cost layer of programming, today.

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Rapidly learn to problem-solve at your space

SolveSessions are immersive events designed to rapidly learn problem-solving through the lens of the UN Global Goals. You can include students, faculty, administration, community leaders, parents and patrons, as SolveSessions can host groups for 25-300 and can be held at your library, science center, or museum.


IoT & AI enabled learning kit

SolvePAKs are powerful, low-cost technology kits loaded with IoT sensors, wireless communications, and artificial Intelligence.

We developed the SolvePAK to be much easier to use than an Arduino or Pi. SolvePAKs provide immediate, out-of-box capabilities for learners to explore and measure real-world events, providing foundational experiences with data, analysis, invention, and problem-solving. No coding is needed, but for the code curious, it is a remarkable platform, as well.

SolveApps extend SolvePAKs adding Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as data visualization capabilities that create unlimited learning opportunities for youth to understand the world around them.


AR & VR enabled content for SolvePAKs

The SolveOS Platform connects learners to free and low-cost, open-source problem-solving content and data, supporting the UN Global Goals. Apps and downloads work in conjunction with SolvePAKs.

AI is used to match learners with problems they wish to solve, and with other Solvers who are working on similar problems. This allows teachers, librarians, and parents to remix and use the content to fit their needs.

The platform incorporates a facilitator platform with a lesson plan builder, content creation, and AI assessment tool access, for a low monthly fee.

President/Founder, Junior Energy - 
Former Asst. Principal, Bronx, NY

Ronnie Aroesty

President/Founder, Junior Energy - 
Former Asst. Principal, Bronx, NY

“SolveSessions change your entire perspective on what is possible when you empower kids, educators, and thinkers with the tools and methods of SolveOS.”

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Our Team

CEO / Co-Founder

Peter E. Raymond

CEO / Co-Founder

Peter is a serial innovator, social entrepreneur, strategist and creative technologist. He merges art, science, and business acumen to develop disruptive technology, models, and companies.

He has developed global education programs for healthcare professionals, kids, and educators and is now developing SolveOS to help people thrive within our rapidly changing world.

He knows kids are powerful problem solvers when given the opportunity and is developing SolveOS to empower them.

He is looking to bravely accelerate nontraditional educational programs to empower global citizens.

GM / Co-Founder

Lala Ghahreman

GM / Co-Founder

Lala is passionate about education, kids, animals, and building a kind and commpasionate world.

She is also an experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in innovative industries. She is skilled in management, marketing, investor relations, strategy, performing arts and hedge funds.

Director of Library Innovation

Brian Pichman

Director of Library Innovation

Brian dedicated to the collaborative work required to changing the way people see libraries. Brian is a presenter, a collaborator, an innovator, and a technology expert/trend spotter. Brian is able to provide technology audits, make library design recommendations, and provide solutions to problems all with an effective cost strategy.

Brian also maintains extensive relationships with innovators in the technology field and introduces them to libraries; so that together we can shape new ideas within library spaces.

Content & Communications Strategy

Tom Kelsey

Content & Communications Strategy

Tom is an expert communicator and storyteller. By using messages and the media that will most effectively move the audience towards impactful action, he helps people connect with concepts, values, and the motivation inside of them.